5 Business Etiquette Tips- Appearance, flowers and more to woo your clients

Proper business meeting etiquacy is on demur. In fact, many business owners, these days, prefer hoodies and joggers over formals for their meet-ups with the clients. And needless to say, more often than not, things don?t end on a happier note for them; unless, of course, the clients themselves are clad in lungis, kurtas or tanks.


Looking good and behaving well is more so about your own personal character and what your company represents than following the social norms and conventions.


Are you a business owner? How do you conduct yourself when meeting the clients?


Regardless; here are 5 golden business etiquette tips to help you win your clients effortlessly and seal the meeting on a satisfying note-

  • Make the first impression great- However clich?, fact is that the first impression is always the last one. So make yours a great one. Look presentable and dress according to the overall set-up. Give a firm handshake. And most importantly, smell good.
  • Suit-up your interpersonal skill- If you aren?t a smooth talker, you better pretend to be one when meeting the clients. Talk clearly; don?t rush and be too loud or slow. Keep a sweet smile intact (without looking like a creep).
  • Let others talk- Sure when talking to clients, you have a lot to inform and describe to eventually convince them. However, it is important to give them time and gaps to talk and reply. Also, allow your other team members to get involved. Make this a healthy discussion and not one of your preaching sessions.
  • Know what not to do- Knowing what NOT TO DO is just as important. So before meeting the clients, tick off all that you shouldn?t say and do; like gossiping, using your phone, being too pushy, and bringing the topics of religion and politics.
  • Follow-up with flower delivery– While nowadays businesses follow-up with emails, you go old-school with flowers and cake delivery to the clients, if the meeting ended on a happier note. Today, flowers and online cake order has become relatively cheaper and convenient thanks to few top e-retailers.

These are 5 business etiquette tips that will help you woo and win over your clients quite easily. So now you know, make every meeting with your clients a complete success. Good luck!

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