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How Much Sun Exposure Is Needed For The Autumn Flowers In A Day?

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The various types of autumn plants and flowers are discussed in this content. All of them are likely to be grown in the warm climate. Thus, exposure to the sunlight for at least 6 hours in a day will be must.

The arrival of autumn brings a cool weather backed with the warm colours around the environment. This is the time when good numbers of flowers are grown. If you love gardening and have one, your fall garden must have the flowers of the season. It is very important to choose the right types of flowering plant that can brighten up your garden with its beauty.

Chrysanthemums for Brightness

During the autumn season, the plants that you have planted in summer must have faded. Thus, it is the time to replace them with the bright looking Chrysanthemums flowering plants. These plants would really look good once you place them in small pots or the containers. Then you can either hang them in your veranda or place them in a single line.

Aster for Butterflies

Aster is a type of flower that is available in several different colours. You can get them in white, purple, pink, blue etc. These are the type of flowers that are known to attract butterflies from several directions. Even the bees are very fond of these flowers. Aster is a variety of flower which is quite likely to be planted in the fall season. Among different varieties of the aster flowers, some are of moulding varieties and others have a growth of 3-4 feet tall. It is important to keep them in sun for 5-6 hours.

Celosias with Backyard Imagination

If your life has become meaningless with everything trending to fade away, the bright colours of the Celosias will always be an option to consider. You can get this in very bright variations of yellow, red, orange etc. This is a good variety of flower which you can easily consider for your fall garden. The shapes of the flowers are really attractive. It is not just a single flower with petals; rather the pattern of this flower is just like the thorny leaves of Christmas trees. It is a bunch with the top tip standing erect. They grow well in the warm climate. Thus, it is good to place them exposed under the sun for the period of 6 hours in a day.

Splashes of Pansies

The dark purple colour 3-4 petal flowers can add exclusive beauty to your autumn garden. You can also get these flower varieties in the colours like peach, white, dark red, yellow, etc. It is not at all difficult to grow these pansies flowers. After planting the plant, you don’t need to worry at all. This will grow automatically without much care. If you are a beginner in gardening, pansies are the flowers with which you must start.

The plantation season of these plants are either in early spring or autumn. It is good to be placed in full sun. But, if you can protect them partly and keep them in shade for a particular period of time, the result will be great. The plant as well as its flowering nature will last for a long time.

These are the flowering plants that grow in the warm climates. Thus, the perfect way of caring them is to keep them under the sun and outdoors for ample time. The natural environment as well as direct sunlight will be a must.

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